Dave Bibo

Dave Bibo

CIO at the Municipality of Alkmaar

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"
-- Walt Disney


As CIO of the Municipality of Alkmaar, responsible for collecting and storing all of the city's information, analyzing it and making it available to decision-makers, as well as to residents and the city's business partners. Founder of 8180 Solutions, Co-founder of Startup studio brainblurb.com and Co-founder of the Social luxury network of Quintessentially: ELEQT.COM 15+ years experience as CTO & IT Professional. I worked and lived in Europe and Curacao. Became an expert in multiple development platforms like: PHP, QT, Directus, Outsystems, C#, Firebase, OpenFuse, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, MS Azure Stack and Embeded Software Solutions. Working digitaly with other software developers and entrepreneurs worldwide to create more awesome projects and sharing knowledge by providing training courses and seminars for starting professionals and students.

Management & Coaching
Agile development Test driven development Continuous development Headless development UX First development ITIL SCRUM & Kanban ISO compliances Network and Infrastructures Workflow & desktop management Systems Engineer Mobile development
Blockchain Web servers File servers XSAN networks Touch systems Virtual systems Oracle & VMWare MS Windows Android Mac OS X QT Java Embedded systems LoraWan
MS Azure Stack Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Services Mac OSX Server QT LoraWan
Directus Outsystems Wakanda Fuse Open Firebase NodeJS AngularJS QT
PHP C C# HTML CSS JavaScript React Native UNO .NET
Data storage
MySQL MSSQL Firebase NoSQL CouchDB Amazon S3 Blockchain Cloud storage




Providing modern lectures and seminars about open source solutions, technologies and specific software development processes. As part of a university or college course to students and Startup Studios in Europe.


8180.nl    Use cases

Build the Headless CMS Elephant. Including API management and Authentication. File management is integrated with the Distributed Content Manager. Time to market for large corporate Intranet solutions is brought back to 1 month. Connects seamless with existing mobile apps.


https://Brainblurb.com   Presentation

Brainblurb is a startup studio based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. We are a passionate team of driven professionals who love to create and build new companies. That is what we do. Who are not afraid to fail and succeed even bigger and fully understand that it requires a special type of character to turn dreams into reality!


Sold to ASW   Videos

Founded the Quintessentially network ELEQT. The exclusive social discovery network for the world's trendsetters, in style and business. Eleqt brings intimacy, trust and relevance to social networking. Built a social network system for high net worth individuals with +1M global members. Including; chat, mailing, direct push messaging, profile pages, social media integrations, share and like functionality.


Founded the and build the Dance Event Network and App, branding and popup live events and co-hosting the live stream broadcast on different locations in Paris. The website hosted a weekly live stream talk show with live interaction with app users. The App is completly integrated with multiple social media channels and local dance businesses, artists/dancers, trainers, shops and dance studio's.



Founded the radio show, branding and popup live events and co-hosting the live radio broadcast on different locations on Curacao. The website hosted a weekly live radio talk show with live interaction from radio listeners. The radio show is completly integrated with multiple social media channels.


Use case

Project for building a video wall that can be used in a library. It is being used for listening to old country stories told by people who are from the original country. The video wall is installed and used in 6 libraries in Amsterdam. Using precise audio pointing speakers and touch interfaces every visitor can listen to story tellers in a library, whitout using headphones or audio equipment.


Case study

Built a CRM for a national energy supplier in Amsterdam. Combined the contract managment and invoicing in a custom application and created a shorter time from registration to first invoice. The whole system was carefully planned out ahead and built in Portugal. The time to market was less then 30 weeks and was inside the budget.


News article

Created and hosted the Digital Signage Network Managment Application for Narrow Casting screens and selfservice kiosks in the retail and hospital markets in Europe. Many Self service kiosks are using my software or the interfaces that I created.